In the beginning, 32BNY had 32 pages and 32 nodes in a 32cm x 32cm format as a rhizomatic experiment linking New York and Beijing. The first three editions were printed in Beijing, in Mandarin and English in an edition of 10,000.

In the first issue of 32BNY, launched in December 2002, we included a quote:

"Seldom is it that we are given an invitation to define our activity in a large and open space such as this paper. A floating space without moorings or markers, but you desire to hear our voices, traces of future memory, a ruin? But the suspension of our belief in the existence of the world may turn out to be a fruitful doubt. One will have to understand that building art is always the spatial execution of spiritual decisions."

—Mies van der Rohe, 1926

In 2013, 32BNY was reformed as a videopolemic, with a new short video posted every two months. Now, February 20, 2015 (Louis Kahn’s birthday), we resume with new videopolemics dedicated to urbanism and architecture.